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July 28, 2020

Black Love Represent (BLR) is a podcast dedicated to exploring the representation of Black love in cinema.


Our focus is Black romantic love and what these characters and stories mean to the larger discussion of Black storytelling, culture, and diversity. We discuss characters, plot, settings, music, and most importantly how these images and stories reflect our communities. The BLR Crew consists of Gigi and Tahir, who are always down to dissect, debate and celebrate representation. 


As we go, special guests will join our discussion. Come with us!


Meet the BLR Crew...




Gigi is a native midwesterner who loves building strong people connections and energizing the human spirit. Her professional life is all about removing barriers and disrupting the usual way of things. Her personal life...well, that's all about cultivating new experiences, loving on her folks, and eating really good food. Gigi is a single 40-something mom of teenagers with lots of gusto for throwing themed parties, bachata, jet-setting, and lingering moments of uninterrupted eye contact with strangers (j/k!)


Some of her top movies include:

Malcom X

Princess & The Frog


She Hate Me

(but *not* Love Jones)




Tahir is a Kansas City native that has always loved movies. A non-profit professional, Tahir focuses on advocating for youth, raising awareness regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and building racial equity within his community.  When he's at work or engaged in community work, Tahir is consuming movies, music, and audiobooks as often as he can.  A life-long lover of gaming (board, video, or cards), he's always down for a gaming session. Tahir spends his free time with his beautiful wife and their dog Domino.


Some of his top movies include:

Coming To America*


House Party

Malcolm X

Get Out

*Tahir also serves as the self-appointed President of the Randy Watson Fan Club.



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